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Guys i connected wired modem to pc and internet pages wont open and it wont work and once i opened my laptop and turned on wifi and it connected to internet through wife and internet is coming flawelessy and its not working on my pc at same time help please
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  1. And I'm confused. Do you have a wireless router?
  2. Its like i turn on the modem with a ip address on it but none of pages will open or anything. On the other side at same time i open my laptop and turn on the wifi on it and my laptop grab that and i surf internet on laptop but system will not open any page or anything. Using Bsnl wired modem
  3. it sounds like you need to reconfigure your wired network similar to your wireless maybe you ahve a static ip for wired and DHCP for wireless or something?
  4. yea i have ip on it and i dont know how to configure it :(
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    priyatham said:
    yea i have ip on it and i dont know how to configure it :(

    There should be an option above where the IP's are listed to retrieve them automatically, click that, apply, close,
    and maybe reboot depending on how windows feels at that moment.
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