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I used to have significant difficulty getting Motorola Razr V3 mobile
phone to work with mobile Phone Tools (version 3 software). A friendly
and candid Motorola tech has helped me to get going. That software
would be a rip-off even if it were free. Let's just say that I feel
riped off :-)

Here are the helpful tips for getting the Moto Razr V3 to connect to a
Windows XP SP2 PC. These worked for me - so no guarantees whatsoever
that they'll work for anybody else or that they won't misconfigure or
damage the phone, the computer, you or the ozone layer.

* Make sure your phone is ON, NOT LOCKED, and FLIPPED OPEN when
connecting or synching.

* Update your software via LiveUpdate. It is free and worked for my
v3.11h retail version and to my knowledge is not tied to registration
etc. The latest BVRP Software mobile PhoneTools version as of this
writing, is 3.19e1 Among the advantages is ability to synch contacts
with Outlook Express (among others) with ability to manually map fields
between the phone and outlook so the differences in record structure
are handled cleanly. Access the update feature from Mobile PhoneTools
menu Setup > Live Update.

* In Mobile PhoneTools menu Setup > General Setup > Communication tab,
Communication functions panel, make sure that all 3 checkboxes are
checked. On the same tab, in the Modem Settings panel, make sure
Exclusive Use checkbox is unchecked.

* Clean up effects of prior config attempts by going into Control Panel
> System > Hardware > Device Manager. In View menu, select Show Hidden
Devices. Under Modems section, right-click on Motorola-named entries
and select Uninstall. You might also consider moving out or renaming a
usbser.sys file in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers though that did not make
a difference in my case.

* Last but not least: performing a master phone reset: on the Razr
phone, select the Settings > Initial Setup > Master Reset. Enter 6 0's
when prompted. The Master Reset (as opposed to Clear) won't wipe out
any phone book entries, pictures and the like. It will however reset
certain things (like email settings back to default, but the user id /
password / server values and such that you've entered, if any, would
not need to be typed back in - they are still on the phone tied to the
Custom or whatever provider you've specified, so you just need to
select it.

** Now for the items that were not applicable:
- No you do not need the world's most expensive USB cable that comes
with the mobile PhoneTools software. There's nothing unusual abuot that
cable and any functional one will work with the sftware and phone
exactly the same in every regard.
- Yest it does work with USB hubs, incl. initial setup.
- No you do not need a 3rd party USB driver for the Motorola. The
up-to-date mobile Phone Tools software contains the USB driver, the
Razr V3 skin, and anything else needed for successful operation.
- No you do not need to reinstall the phone tools software in order to
get it to work, if you try some of the things above.

Hope it helps!! :)

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    P.S. Some tips from*&p_li=&p_topview=1

    Check to see if the phone is listed and queries as a modem.

    In the Windows task bar, click the Start menu and select the Settings>
    Control Panel.

    The Control Panel window opens.

    Click on Phone and Modem Options.

    Select the Modem tab and look for Motorola USB Modem.

    If it lists Motorola USB Modem and shows a COM port assigned to it then
    left click on the modem to highlight it and select properties.

    Select the Diagnostics tab and left click on Query Modem.

    The response for AT+GMM on the query should indicate the device that is
    responding to the query.

    If the query worked then the phone is connected and you will want to
    check the settings for communication in mobile PhoneTools.

    If the Query fails please continue troubleshooting as follows.

    Make sure the correct drivers for the phone are installed.

    To verify if the driver files (.INF) were copied to the correct
    location, check the following:

    Windows 2K/2000: USBMOT2000.INF to C:\WINNT\INF

    Windows XP: USBMOT2000.INF (the same driver file as Win2K) and goes to
    WINDOWS\INF directory.

    Windows ME/9x: USBMDMMOT.INF and USBCDCMOT.INF to C:\Windows\INF

    In the Windows task bar, click the Start menu and select the Settings>
    Control Panel.

    The Control Panel window opens.

    Click System to open the System Properties Window.

    Select the Hardware Tab from the top of the window.

    Click on the button for Device Manager.

    Connect the phone to the PC with the USB cable.

    Allow the PC to incorrectly install the device or devices it wants to
    setup when the phone is connected.

    Watch for changes in the Device Manager under the categories Modem,
    Other, and Universal Serial Bus controllers.

    In the Device Manager if the phone is not installed properly, the phone
    is usually listed twice under Other as "Unknown Device" or
    "Motorola Phone" and once as "Composite Device" under Universal
    Serial Bus controllers.

    Remove all incorrectly installed devices from device manager but leave
    the phone connected to the PC.

    Reboot your PC - the phone will be seen properly and the PC will now
    finish the install properly.
  2. Archived from groups: alt.cellular.motorola (More info?)

    .... also make certain the phone is connected before starting the
    software, and exit the software before disconnecting the phone!
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