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Greetings all,
I'm new(ish) to using Apples, I have a Mac Mini which is only really used for iPhone/iPad development, as I use on-line (development) resources a fair bit I have installed Sophos Anti Virus, I also have Time Machine set to backup to a USB Hard Drive; the problem is since installing Sophos I keep getting messages that the Time Machine drive needs to be repaired, when I run a repair it says:
"Invalid catalog record type"
"The volume TimeMachine cannot be verified completely"
"Error: This disk needs to be repaired, Click Repair Disk."

When I click "Repair Disk" it just repeats...

I'm 75% sure this is a Sophos problem, so I was just wondering (before I dump it) if any one else has had similar issues?

Would I be right in thinking that I've probably lost my existing backups?
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  1. By way of an update:
    I had to reformat the USB hard drive to get rid of the error message, then after a couple of hours use (and after a reboot) it was back; removed Sophos, reformatted the USB drive (again) and it's been fine since.
  2. Like you said this is an issue with Sophos. We use Sophos on a massive scale, and I am far from impressed. I would look at changing your antivirus software.
  3. I tried contacting Sophos, the reply was basically if you aren't paying us any money we aren't going to speak to you!
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