Connecting an Existing ADSL And a Wireless Router to a Thrid Wireless Router


I Have Landed in a Quite Typical Kind of Situation. I Have Got One Broadband Modem / Router (Huawei Broadband Hg-510a ) Not Sure If Its a Modem or a Router But Has 4 LAN Ports.With Broadband Internet (Lets Call It Router 'A')

and One Purely Wireless Router i.e. Gigaset SX686 By Siemens, Having a Separate Wifi Internet. (Router 'B')

I Need To Setup a Third Wireless Router i.e Rourer 'C' That may Connect To Both The Existing Routers and The Computers, Laptops or Smartphones in Home Can Connect To Any of The Two Internet Services Coming Via Router A and B Through This New Router C.

Kindly Help Keeping In Mind That I am Not a Tech Guy. Simpler The Better Please.

Q1. Can I Do This?
Q2. Can I Connect All Three Wirelessly
Q3.If Not Possible Wireless Then How The Cables Will Be Connected ? means What Port of Router A To Connect to The C and And What Port of Router B on Which Port of C
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  1. how is router B connected to router A?
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