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Hello, My cd/dvd drive has stopped working properly. i tried to burn a cd but the drive is not being recognised by wmp or cdburner. I've tried Microsoft fixit and it recognises the drive but says that it's not capable of recording/being written too. It worked before. PLEASE HELP???
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  1. Obviously it's either a software or a hardware problem.

    But DVD burners are incredibly cheap. A good one is $30 (NCIX etc.).

    I suppose there could be a conflict or software problem. The easiest way to troubleshoot IMO would be to run WUBI and install Ubuntu which you can remove through add/remove later, or you could run it from a CD.

    This would bypass Windows completely so you could use Ubuntu's burning app. Simple.

    *Odds are that your drive has just suddenly died though, and if your current drive is more than two years old it might be a good idea to replace no matter what.

    If you get a new burner, update to the latest firmware and check periodically for new firmware. Support might last for only a year or so.

    ***You know why most burns fail? The burner doesn't have the correct profile for the newer DVD or CD so it uses a generic profile. It really burns me up that people constantly have bad burns and buy new burners all for the lack of an update. Also, there's absolutely no reason the update needs to burn to a chip on the burner itself; a simple Windows profile update would work if they wanted it to. But it's all about selling new burners. Sigh.
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