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I do currency trading from my home, and need to have a full screen dedicated to each currency I trade, each screen/currency running off the same PC at the same time. I know I can attach multiple monitors to my Windows 7 PC, but am not sure how to have the same program running simultaneously on 3 different monitors (that's the only way to get the 3 currencies to show as a full screen and have the ability to submit trade tickets independently based on respective currency).

Seems as though the same image will appear on each monitor.

Is this at all possible, or will I have to buy 2 additional PCs to put Monitors 2 and 3 on to accomplish this?

Thank you.
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  1. From what you describe, right now your current set up has the monitors all displaying the same desktop area. What you want is to extend your desktop into 3 different monitors.
  2. Does your program allow multiple instances to run? If so, why not just start it up 3 times and drag each window onto it's own monitor.
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