Adding a Samsung E5500 Blu-Ray player to Access Point via Ethernet

I have set my Linksys WRT120N as an Access Point by connecting it to my primary router via Ethernet. To the Linksys WRT120N I have connected via Ethernet a Samsung BD-E5500 player.

Through the Linksys WRT120N Access Point, I am wirelessly able to browse Internet through my cellphone, however, E5500 keeps reporting that while it is connected to the network, it is can not connect to the Internet. The Network Settings is Wired and Auto for IP and DNS.

I would like to request assistance on this front as I am not sure what I am doing wrong.
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  1. Just a quick question on the access point. When you set it up you gave it a static address in your network's router and also in the AP right?

    If you look in your Samsung network configuration page does it show the gateway address of your router as the gateway and an IP address for the Samsung that is in that network range? What address does it show for the DNS address? You might try a different DNS, like, which is the public Google DNS server.
  2. @RealBeast: thanks for the revert.

    * The Master Wireless router and the Slave Wireless router are on different IP ranges ( and )

    * Samsung Network config displays the Master router's gateway setting - as the gateway
    ** The same IP address is displayed as DNS a well

    * Tried switching to a different DNS but it does not work
  3. The fact that it is on a separate subnet probably is the issue.

    I would configure the AP as a real AP and not a different subnet. Give the AP a static address in the range, so like (in both the master and slave routers) and then let the master router assign dynamic addresses above .2 (or above any other static addresses, like network printers). Turn the DHCP off in the slave router, make the Ethernet connection from LAN to LAN on the routers. Your wireless will still have the same radio channel (hopefully a different channel than the master choosing between non-overlapping channels 1, 6, and 11), SSID and passkey as now, but it will allow your Samsung to connect through its ports to the gateway and Internet.

    If you want the wireless to have different SSID and passwords you can, but it is generally easier that they are the same, that gives you seamless wireless over you whole coverage area.
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