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my problem is that I want to connect my xbox 360 to the internet, I have a laptop with built in wifi which can reach a network that the xbox can't, but the wired connection on the laptop is fried, i also have an extra usb wireless adapter lying around. what i want to do is create an ad-hoc network on the built in adapter that my xbox can connect to and use the usb adapter (since it's stronger) to get the internet, which i will share with my ad-hoc network, thus xbox online. is this possible? (please don't say something obvious like "move the xbox" or "get a freakishly long ethernet cable" just answer the question) i am running linux, specifically ubuntu
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  1. from what I understand you need to open ports on the router for the Xbox; therefore, I am not sure if your plan will work.

    how about a wifi range extender
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