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Download speed vs Ping

December 27, 2012 5:32:34 PM

I feel that my internet in my house is a bit weak but I want to better understand what internet is. I live in Arizona and my ISP is Cox. I'm not sure what the speed they're providing me with but it seems fast enough (I'm able to stream Netflix and 720p videos on Youtube without it pausing to buffer). I have a single band 300mbps router that 5 computers and 2 iPhones are connected to.

A while ago I used to be able to download games at an average of 1.7 MB/s and I was quite happy with that. Recently it's fluctuating a lot more. It will reach 2.0 MB/s but also go as low as 10KB/s and sometimes just hang for a few seconds then go back up to 2.0MB/s and back down to nothing and so on (this is after i added 2 PCs to the network so maybe that has something to do with it).

Now when i go on i get about 8 mbps download and 2 mbps upload (highest: 15 mbps down 8 mbps up) and get a grade of about C, but when I go on I get a grade of A (0% packet loss, 25ms ping, 2 ms jitter).

These results lead me to conclude that download speed and ping are separate from one another and improving one doesn't improve the other. Can someone better explain these results to me, what exactly should I learn from these results? What I can do to improve my download speed, or just more consistent (consistently high :p )?

I should probably mention that I use internet for everything. Gaming, browsing, streaming, Skype, etc. so I'd like the best connection possible with my current ISP plan.

Thank you

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