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I think my 17" Nokia 447xi is starting to show signs of dying. Last night it got a bit brighter for no reason and 5min. later it went back to normal.

So I'm researching LCDs as a replacement if this thing gives up the ghost soon.

I decided on either the Samsung 172x or 193p. I work for a major computer store and can get the 193p for $756 and the 172x for $510.

But I noticed both have native resolutions of 1280x1024. I'm worried about gaming on the 17" model at that resolution. Normally I use 1024x768 on my current 17" CRT.

Does anyone have experience with this resolution on a 17" LCD? Or maybe the 172x itself? I'm wondering if font sizes in desktop mode needs to be increased and if game text is hard to read.

Also as a side note, at those prices, which do you think is the best buy? It seems an extra $245 for 2" is a bit much.
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  1. Well I just purchased a Samsung 172X and I love it. It's great for gaming and you might want to check the boards because there have a few personal reviews and some site links to give you a better idea on how it performs. And as far as text size goes at that resolution mine was fine, I did however change the DPI setting in windows which makes all the text bigger and it was very easy to read. However as far as games I wouldn't think it would be a big problem but the only game i've played on it so far is UT2004.
  2. I find that with my iiyama AS4612 in a non native res is a little blury. At its normal 1280*1024 its is fine. As for the font size, thats just prefrence. I have no problems with it at this size but if your eyesight is not as good or you sit further from the screen than I do (which is about 75-85cm) then you could have difficulty.
    As for screen size always go for the biggest you can realisticly afford. If you can get the 19 go for it. Dont forget you will be looking at this for 2 or more years.

    On a side note you could have a duel screen setup with the old Nokia before it dies. (this is im my view the BEST performance upgrade you can get for a pc as you dont switch windows nearly as much and so, I find at least, you can work faster.)
  3. Thanks for all of the advice. I'm glad to hear that 17" @ 1280x1024 doesn't make things uncomfortably tiny. I have good eyesight and sit at a normal distance so I shouldn't have much of a problem.

    Definitely going to go for the 17" though. Since the resolution doesn't seem to shrink everything to much, I just can't justify the extra $245. Money doesn't grow on trees in my backyard unfortunately. :)

    And I like the multiple display idea, but have limited desktop space and I already have a 4-port monitor switch.
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