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Whatever the hell is hd encryption...locked bios IDC just help

aanyone know how to unlock a hard drive and bios on a gateway laptop ? use human english terms when explaining. It was bought used at a flea market and I want to install windows xpsp3 aftter formatting (erasing) the 120 gb hd. I bought used at a flea market from a guy who was cluless, who knows where he got it. I checked with gateway and reported serial number, its not stolen. I just want a decent laptop to use when on road and will install win xp sp3 and use it to read and write e mails and dvds / cds on the dual layerd dvd burner. Its a gateway ma3..or mt6541. I hate highbrow tech talk. jeys tell me how to get the hard drive pw or disble it and the into the bios , it will boot from cd rom. lls i want to do is get rid of the old os, uninstall anything, write zeros to the hd and reinstall windows xp sp3 on it. It runs ok and I am typing on it now after loading the hiren's magic boot cd and installing / running a linux os called parted magic which is supposed to be a partioning tool. I tried other pw encryption software on the majic boot cd, not sure how the hell it works HELP !!!
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    Sorry no one here can help you bypassing any form of security on a lapop or anything else. Read the Terms of Service. Goodbye.
  2. User claims to be fixing this laptop for a customer and now he claims this is bought from a flea market.

    Fishy indeed.

    Thread close.
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