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Dell Windows 7 oem disk used on HP computer will it last?

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May 23, 2012 5:12:42 AM

I have a HP computer that needs a clean install of windows. Problem is it has windows vista. I do not have the oem disk for the hp and the restore isnt working on the computer. Sooo I took my dell oem win7 disk and just did a clean install on the computer. Worked fine didnt ask for any sort of cd key for windows upon install either, but under windows activations says it has 3 days till automatic activation... what does this mean>? Will i be ok using this? or do i need to purchase a hp oem disk? help would greatly be appreciated thank you!
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May 25, 2012 6:04:05 AM

Sometimes it does work, wait 3 days and find out.
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May 25, 2012 7:13:08 AM

Trouble is you have 7 installed on two different machines and only one key. You'll have to uninstall from the Dell and use telephone activation on the HP or buy another licence...
This might help...
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May 25, 2012 11:35:09 PM

My name is Kunal and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell.

I would like to tell you that Dell OEM operating system media cd is only for Dell system to reinstall o/s again without inserting the product key however if somebody tries to install operating system using the Dell OEM operating system cd then the user need to buy the product key , which can be bought from

Also as you mentioned its showing 3 days left which means the trial version is about to expire and to activate the windows kindly get the genuine license or product key from Microsoft .After the expiration of trial version it will keep showing you the message” Windows is not Genuine “ and operating system will work with limited functionality.

So I would suggest you to get the OEM operating system cd from HP technical support that will allow you to activate the genuine version of windows operating system.

Hope that would resolve the issue for you.

Dell-Kunal j
March 12, 2014 12:46:36 PM

I'm not going to go into actual sources of where you might get the OEM disk for an O.S., however, if you get the OEM disk to work, and in 3 days it gives you "This is not a genuine version of Windows," you can always download a patch for the OEM that will "make" it a "genuine" version of Windows. I personally think it's a bunch of bull that when you used to buy a desktop/laptop you would get the disks for the O.S., and now when you buy a computer it doesn't come with it, so if anything happens you have to "buy" one. That is the reason I don't put a lot of faith or trust in these computer companies.
April 30, 2014 5:39:49 PM

I totally agree with the above comment. I have been a computer technician for over 22 years and Im pretty sure
these shortcuts the PC manufacturers are now taking are the likely reason for the decline in the PC sales industry.

As well it seems like Windows unfortunately is now even more fragile to malware, exploits and corrruption than ever.
This just seemingly compounds the problem for Windows users without a legitimate system restore disk which most
people now dont have because of these corporate short cut industry practices like not giving consumers a valid
re-installation or restore disk.

You know something is very wrong, when you can buy a new computer with Windows 7 preloaded -- cheaper than you
can buy a geniune Windows 7 installation disk.

I totally dont condone the action but I also dont blame users who download activation "patches" although Im quite
sure microsoft totally frowns on this practice even though sometimes they work ;)  I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT.

Instead I rather remind people that there are other BOOTABLE INTERNET options such as Linux or Ubuntu, which are
*Absolutely Free* that load on most machines perfectly, and give users an alternative boot option at absolutely zero
cost. Using Linux for the Internet and Windows for your non web based applications with a good firewall is likely your
best bet for security and privacy anyways.

I think the above advice may be of help to you. My name is Jon, and Im the senior tech advisor at
Best of luck to you!