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Didnt know where to categorize this in the forums so sorry if this isnt the right place. As for my situation I want to know if I can install the drivers I need for Win7 while in Ubuntu. The reason I ask this is I am not positive if ill upgrade to 8 when it come out but having the option isnt bad. Ill be getting all the parts for my new build friday. So waiting till June 2 to buy windows 7 and do something is to long to have a new toy and not play with it!

So TL;DR can i get the drivers for win7 while running ubuntu?
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    Hello bignick18;

    I think you should be able to download any file in Ubuntu.

    But installing Win7 drivers? Will need to be done with Windows 7 running.
    You don't need to wait till June 2nd to install Windows - you have a 30 day trial period before you have to enter a valid license.

    The Windows 7 installation can find basic default drivers for most modern hardware.
    That allows you to complete Win7 installation, go online and get the most up-to-date drivers without running through hoops.
  2. You can most certainly download and organize all of the drivers that you will need. However, you will not be able to do anything with them until you have Windows 7 installed. Windows ships with basic drivers for most devices that will ensure that they are functional enough for you to install drivers that provided by the vendor.

    What you can do to save yourself some time is download the Windows7 ISO with Service Pack 1 included and burn that to a DVD. If you buy one from the store it might not have SP1 included. You can use this to trial Windows 7 for 30 days before a product key is required.

    Please note that these downloads are provided by Microsoft and are not considered piracy so long as the trial period is not abused
  3. The Brasero Disc Burner app in Ubuntu will happily burn you a Windows 7 SP1 installation DVD.

    I've been looking for the Win7 SP1 .ISO hash codes so you'd be able to verify the integrity of your download. About 3.1 GB for Win7 SP1 X64. Can't seem to find them ATM.
  4. I might actually have a disc or atleast get a hold of one. So I would be able to install it with that and would have a 30 day trial period is this correct? Thank you both for the info :)
  5. When you get to the product key screen - just uncheck the 'Automatically activate Windows when I'm online' box and use the NEXT button to move with the rest of the installation.

  6. are you installing Ubuntu first???
  7. Was going to but WR2's alternative seems like a better fit for me. Ill just install 7 and hold off on buying it till i can get the cheap upgrade to 8 option. Not 100% sure i will use it but figured why not have that option :)
  8. You can also give win8 consumer preview a shot to see if you like it or not.
  9. I'd hold off a few more days and wait for the Win8 Release Preview build due on June 2nd (latest rumor).

    No sense on installing Consumer Preview for just the next few days. There isn't an 'upgrade in place' option from one version to another.
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