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I was interested in purchasing a wireless keyboard and mouse set for 2 computers in the same room. I was looking at the Microsoft Optical Desktop Pro because I like the natural keyboard and the black design but I was wondering if having 2 of the same wireless devices so close would they interefere with one another? And has anyone had experience with that particular product?
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  1. the range on them isnt that far, certainly the two workstations are far enough appart that its not a problem? most only go for about 10 feet.

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  2. Well that was my questions. The two computers will be within 6 feet of each other and I was wondering if the 2 wireless sets would interfere for example if typing on one computer would actually show up on the second computer and so forth.
  3. well, if they are less than 10 feet, then i think its reasonable to assume there will be a problem dont you? the wireless peripherals ive seen usually have a channel switch on them to avoid this problem

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