Do i need to disable fire wall on a toshiba satelite windows 8 to download Java?

Hello, I deleted the java that came with the lap top Toshiba satelite L855-S 5309 I tried to reinstal Java on line. Noting happens No error messages, Noting. I go to the java page and it says no java instaled. What do I do Windows *. Do i need to disable the Frewall and Vrus protection? 64 bit Windows 8.
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  1. If you try to install Java online you may not be able to... What you need to do is download the Java installer (.exe) file and execute/install it from the Hard Drive.
  2. Check Whether you have completely downloaded the java installer in your system! May be its not installed properly, Use a proper security software in your pc, presently am using comodo internet security which is very powerful in protecting your pc from any kind of internet malware attacks!
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