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Since installing Winblows :pfff: Home Premium 7, I can no longer use my Router Admin password, it is 17 chars. in length.
Does this version of windows limit password fields by default ? Is a required service disabled ?
Note there is no Local Security Policy in this version. :heink:
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  1. Have you tried another web browser to work on your router? Maybe Firefox or Chrome?

    Win7 should not care how long a password you have or what characters are in the password.
  2. I use IE and Seamonkey. I keep IE to double check for troubleshooting purposes. In this case same results. I am getting Firefox 12 (non-beta) just to test browser number 3. I meant Windows 7 was a change of OS, installed clean by vendor. Password was set in XP. Other possibility, cell phone connected to WIFI is a vulnerability worth exploring ?
  3. I'm thinking a reset of the router and going back and setting a new password.

    I don't believe your WiFi router would have been exploited by a connected phone.
  4. Same for Firefox, field cuts off at 15 chars. with room to go, my pwd. is 17 chars.
  5. Will have to fully test tomorrow from XP PC inaccessible now, will update this when I know better, if XP is the same, will have to reset router and reload settings. Thanks.
  6. I just checked a few password fields. And I'm getting the same 15 character limit ATM too.
    Lets see what google can find.
  7. And found a few more sites (including THG) that use a password field longer than 15 characters.
    So I'm thinking it's a remote host (in your case your router) imposed limit.
    It could be that you thought the password was 17 characters but only the 15 were used.

    I had always thought that the maximum limit for passwords was 127 characters.
  8. I always typed 17 from XP and my brother connected on 17 from phone, but my Windows phone did not connect...
  9. Is the limit imposed by WPA/2 or AES ?
  10. I honestly don't know. I would guess it would be your Router, not WPA/2 or AES limits.
  11. I have not seen any sections on router mentioning password length but it is a D-Link DIR-615. Why would it work in XP and be rejected in Win7 if it is a Router limitation ?
  12. Ensure you've entered a complete WEP or WPA key.

    Some brands of wireless routers automatically generate a simple text passphrase from the WEP key. The Kindle is not compatible with passphrases. You must enter the complete WEP key, which contain letters a-f and numbers 0-9. WEP key lengths are as follows:

    64-bit WEP keys -- 10 digits
    128-bit WEP keys -- 26 digits
    256-bit WEP keys -- 58 digits

    WPA keys have a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 63 characters, and are case sensitive.
  13. What Im thinking is it captured only the first 15 characters of the password.
  14. I used WPA key and entry contains letters, numbers and symbols, if first 15, still why is password rejected in windows 7 ? I do not own a kindle, signature is my new PC. Windows Phone is an HTC HD2, not worried about it.
  15. That bit about the Kindle was just copy/pasted from a website mentioning password lengths. It was the first time I'd seen any mention of password max length for routers.

    OK.. Windows 7 didn't reject the password. Only the router would do that.
  16. Inputing only 15 chars. still returns invalid password. It maybe a hack attempt successful, even though I keep SSID invisible.
  17. I meant FROM windows 7.
  18. Definitely length limit has changed with OS, there is room in text box but unusable, something in win7 making fields act differently.
  19. I just changed my THG forum password to 21 characters.
    Definitely not a 15 character limit set in Windows 7.
  20. I need the logic, if router set 15, why would XP display 17+ fields ? Why is password passing in XP and failing in Win7 ? Right now I am leaning towards router hack, will know more tomorrow. Thanks for your help.
  21. Logic is - limit is set by the remote host you're working on. That HTML page you type the password in - that's from the router. Win7/IE didn't make that page up for you - the router supplied it.

    Check your THG password log in length for a password change.
    Just as an example of a limit not set to 15 characters but at the length the host site sets for the field.
  22. I must be tired, mixed up passwords of router admin. with wireless...
    Problem solved - So shoot me now !
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    You're not the first (not by a long shot) and won't be the last ever to do that.
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