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Sorry, I'm fairly lost when it comes to networking. I have a wireless router, which supports 4 wired devices. I've added more devices over Christmas, so I bought an Asus D1081 Switch. It has 8 ports with 1 marked as the priority.

So my internet is going into the wireless router. Does I just plug in the Asus into any free port on the router? I figured there would be an in for the internet connection coming from the router, and then outs, but it's just 8 ports. Does it matter if it comes in through the priority port or should I save that? Thanks for any help.
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    Just attach the switch to one of the LAN ports on your router, then attach wired devices to the switch, it will be just like the router having extra ports.

    That priority port is supposed to be for the highest priority device, it gets preference of more bandwidth when loads are high -- it is unlikely to ever make any difference in a home network. Use it for whatever, not an issue.
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  3. Thanks so much!
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