How do i connect to neighbor wifi and not my own

I have my neighbors password and all info to use her net wirelessly. She has hidden her network. How do I connect to hers and stop it from trying to connect to my own non-working modem? Please help! Thanks!
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  1. So you have permission from your neighbor to connect to her network ? Why did you say that she has hidden her network ? This isn't making sense.
  2. It is what it is, I go over there at least 3 times a week with my laptop. Perhaps its hidden to keep out unwanted leechers but since I don't fall into that category is why I turned to you guys for assistance.
  3. You should know that we get hundreds of posts with questions on how to get passwords and activation codes , plus how to get around locked devices like cell phones and usb drives. So with the way you wrote your post it sounded like your neighbor was hideing the network from everybody and if you had permission and the password then she would help you with getting on. It's hard to know the exact situation with what's being written in a post and that's why it's important to be clear and precise with the post.
    If your neighbor has hidden her network then you will have to get her to let you access it , if when you turn on your computer in your house and you look at available networks you don't see your neighbors then there is nothing that you can do. If you do see her network then all you have to do is select it and enter in the password and you will connect to her network and not yours.
  4. Ty so much, it was my first time posting. I will clarify in the future. Your help has been most appreciated.
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