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Hi all,

Whilst my computer is down, I am using my Sons laptop. As well as his original W-7ult 32bit, he is trialling the Consumer Trial W8.
I also have W7 on my own machine.

Am I missing something with W8 ? The only difference I can see, is that it has a different desktop. Of course I don’t have a touch screen to get the best out of it, but even so, I can’t see why it’s worth the money. Maybe it will be different when the final version comes out.

An issue I have at the moment, with having both systems running side by side is:
When in W7 mode - there is no longer the ‘globe’ in the bottom left corner.

Without that I can’t access things like: Search or Program folders or the first page that pops up when you click the globe (it includes things like Computer > Games > Pictures etc etc).

I have no idea if things are set up right, but I can’t believe that the function has gone ! I think we just need to know how to access it – hence this message.

Is the globe hiding ? How do we access the search (the W8 search doesn’t help) and program files & folders etc ?

I’m sorry if we come over as dim,,,,,,, but I suppose we are !?

All the best
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  1. Hello gamekeeper;

    That missing Globe is the Windows Start Menu in Win7.
    In Win8 the Start Menu has been replaced with the Metro Start Screen.

    An easy way to move back and forth from between Desktop and Metro Start is the Windows Key on your keyboard.
  2. gamekeeper said:
    I’m sorry if we come over as dim,,,,,,, but I suppose we are !?
    Nope. It IS a pretty big difference and you'll need to figure out how the new version works.

    And it's not quite finished yet. Still not due out till this fall.
    About two weeks before the final Release Preview (Release Candidate) shows up for testing. That should have a bit more polish on the whole deal.

    To search in Metro Desktop... just go ahead and start typing ... you'll see the test on the desktop. It will try and match what you need. Over on the right side you might need to help it out choosing a category, Apps / Settings / Files.

    If you want to find some Windows 8 games use the Metro Store tile - it's a blue shopping bag. A couple good ones are Pinball FX2, Flow and Cut the Rope.
    There are other free apps you might be interested in. A lot of tiles ATM are test placeholders for the real thing to follow later.
    If you add programs and apps you'll find Tiles for them on the Metro Start and on the Desktop.
  3. And you can setup your Desktop to look and work just about the same as Win7.
    (apart from the Start Menu).

    If you click on Computer you should start finding yourself on more familiar ground.
    If you want a short cut to a app, file or folder, just right click and choose Send To: Desktop (create shortcut). That will help you configure the desktop so you don't need to flip back and forth.
  4. Then I/we must have something wrong.

    Leaving aside W8 for the moment, when in W7 mode, we don't have the globe any more, so no access to the W7 games, progs etc. Nor does it give us the .Shut down button etc. We have to use the W8 shutdown routine.
  5. There is no Win7 mode and there is no globe/Start Menu on the Desktop.

    It's just Desktop and Metro Start Menu
  6. In Windows 7 pressing the Windows key on the keyboard would bring up the Start Menu (same as the Globe would on the Taskbar).

    In Windows 8 pressing the Windows key on the keyboard would brings up Metro Start.
    There are also 'Hot Corners'. Try the very lower left corner to see the Desktop/Metro switch.

    Have you started installing programs and games in Windows 8? You'll have normal Windows icons on the Desktop when you do.
  7. you have nothing wrong, thats the way they've built it (rightly or wrongly). There are a number of changes in the background that you won't be aware of that may (or may not) make it worth it.
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