IE6 quits when typing in addresses?

Have just started to have a rather annoying problem with Internet Explorer 6! I have no idea what's caused it.

If I type an address into the address bar and press enter, IE6 just quits? This also happens if I use the drop down menu on the address bar, choose an address in the history and click the arrow at the side of the GO button??

I've done a REPAIR of WinXP (sfc /scannow) to replace any missing system files, no luck, and also downloaded and re-installed IE6 as per instructions in Microsofts Knowledgebase article <A HREF=";en-us;Q318378" target="_new">Q318378</A>, it's still the same!

This means I can't type in any sites. I have to use a Search Engine and type them in there, then click on the link the search page throws up!

What has happened?
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  1. Maybe the History folder is damaged.

    I'd go to Tools\Internet Options\Advanced\ and disable Use inline AutoComplete. Then I'd open Windows Explorer, and under Tools\Folder Options\View, select Launch folder windows in a separate process.

    For good measure, click the Search toolbar button on the browser toolbar, and then click Customize in the Search panel that appears. In the Customize Search Settings box, click on the AutoSearch settings button. In the When Searching: list, choose Do not search from the address bar.

    Last, in Windows Explorer, locate the profile of the account with the problem. Click to the Documents and Settings\ Username \Local Settings\History folder. Right-click the History folder, and then click Delete.

    If your user account has a problem when attempting to remove the folder, you may have to create a new user account with adminstrative privileges, log on with the new account, and then delete the folder.

    Note: I'm not completely sure that this will work, but a similar problem used to occur in earlier versions of the browser that caused a page fault, whether in Win95, Win98, NT 4, or Win2K. It's worth a shot.


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  2. Thanks for the suggestions, unfortunatley it hasn't resolved the problem :(

    It only occurs when I type addresses with the 'www' prefix, If I type 'http://www' everything is OK? I know of the 'DefaultPrefix' setting in the registry and it's set to 'http://' so I can't understand what else is wrong?
  3. Something similar happened to me. Whenever I started typing an address... BOOM! IE would close with no error messages as if I had clicked the close button on the window. However, this wasn't a constant occurance, it bugged me for about 10 minutes and then decided to work again... I think what I did was check the keyboard to see if it was connected properly... that was about it. I know it sounds weird, but it worked for me.

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  4. No need, I've found the problem, but why it's started now is anyones guess!

    Using Sysinternals 'File Monitor' program, I monitored file activity when I pressed 'ENTER' and saw what happened when IE shutdown. It appears a file called 'LCMMFU.CPL' is to blame, it's a VIA file, it's a filename I've never seen before that made me suspicious! I did install the VIA 4.38 drivers when they were released, but that was on the 20th and there is no file called 'LCMMFU.CPL' in the 4.38 release.

    I searched ViaArena/ViaHardware forums and did a Google search and searchd Symantecs Virus Encyclopedia but can't come up with reference to it! Does anyone know what this file is and what it's function is?

    Renaming the file has cured the problem though! Very suspicious.

    Thanks for everyones suggestions!
  5. That is a Control Panel file.

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  6. Now here's something strange!

    I dropped the file into my SYSTEM32 directory and opened up the Control Panel, a new file appeared, but no icon for it, called 'eLicense Control'! It has to do with a trial program I installed using 'vtCyber' or something try&buy style program. I thought I'd uninstalled it, but obviously it sunk it's leeching teeth into my copy of IE!

    So it was some 'Trialware' app screwing up my system all along! Thank god I never bought it then!!
  7. I had the same fault - changed the character encoding from within IE from western(ISO) to western (Windows) and it solved the fault!
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