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Hi,guys first of all i wish a warm advanced :hello: Happy New Year 2013. :hello: ,ok am seeking a desperate advice to set up a small office network with options like file sharing, printer sharing. not the internet except for one pc in a cost effective method,i prefer everything to be set up in wireless, and what would be the challenge ill be facing?,am not intending to drill holes for laying lan cables and spaces for modem and switches, i wish to have it in very simplest form, my plan: get a good range WiFi router with modem like[ Asus RT-N66U Dual-Band Wireless-N900 ] and buy a pair of wireless USB dongle [Asus USB-N13 802.11n ] for two desktop's which is set across 30 feet and one in fist floor with 2-3 walls across, if am gonna use this as my set up will there be good signal and speed for sharing files and printer at good speed? FYI its basically a database files expect not more than 10-20 brief its just for Milk dairy i own it i wish to have ever data in real time on my lap that will be in my office connected to internet and office lan pls gimme your opinion and suggest me if any other product that is better than ive planned and,how would i configure it..Thank you
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  1. Since you are getting a dual band router, I would go with dual band USB dongles at about the same price after a small rebate ( ), just in case you have 2.4GHz interference, and at close proximity like you have the transfer rates are a little higher for the ASUS in 5GHz with 40MHz bandwidth ( ). Your plan is sound, you will just need to turn on file and printer sharing on each of the computers. You should get excellent transfer rates for those small files.
  2. now the problem is i cant get ASUS USB-N53 since its not available in india yet, i can go for any dongle that supports 5GHz? like [Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band WNDA3100] but it is too coslty in my case. so now its like unless i use an dual band dongle its a waste of using dual band router...or pls explain what would be the max speed if am using dual band router with a 2.4GHZ adapter or should i prefer a simpler router with usb printer function dual band dongle is a no go for me.. it just exceeds my budgeted plan...
  3. Ah, then your choice makes sense.

    If you get a good price on the Asus RT-N66U, say not too much more than the D-Link DIR-655, I would still consider the Asus RT-N66U because it is a very good router.

    I don't know if you have them available and they are less expensive for you, but the TP-Link TL-WN722N wireless 2.4GHz USB adapters are very good -- I've used dozens of them for clients and always get excellent results. I also use a lot of the D-Link DIR-655 routers because they are also inexpensive and work very well.

    Whatever you choose, set your network to N only (some routers call it 150Mbps or better) and use WPA2 personal with AES encrpytion and you will get the best wireless speeds.
  4. well, there is a huge price difference between asus and d-link but unfortunately D-link ran out of stock :( [ ] am good on spending with asus as of many reviews on that model they seem to out perform in signal range and speed it seems, so my final plan is to get RT-N66U besides it has got usb printer sharing function, which eliminates the need to keep on the pc 24X7 that is connected to printer in network,and get tp link which is also very cheap..and it says it has got 150Mbps so does it really fast in data tranfer than wired network? if so id definitely go for 300Mbps dongle ;) ,so u say wireless network is better than wired network in my case? i can still go for wired thing is that id have to spend on labours for drilling,electrians,wirings etc,etc!!
  5. Wireless is never "better" than wired. Wired each user has either 100m or 1g simultaneous up and down speed dedicated. Wireless even at 300m is 300m TOTAL including both up and down and it is shared between users.

    Wireless though may be more "cost effective" when you cannot easily get wires run. If you can run wires cheaply for some devices you should because it leaves more wireless bandwidth for the other devices.
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    A wired network is very reliable and is the fastest with the least chance of interference, but as you say it takes a lot of work to run the cable, and it doesn't sound like you need gigabit wired speed.

    With wireless in your building size you should get good results as long as the walls are not made of metal. If the TP Link adapters are cheaper, get them as they work very well -- and you will only get about 50-100Mbps actual speeds no matter which N adapters you use.

    I agree that it is wise to buy the ASUS router because of the printer capability.
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  8. thank you friend that's all i need to know...ill post doubts if i had any in future..thanks again for the advice...
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