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I am a single user of a windows 7 laptop and want to login as an administrator. When I login the desktop does not show a user account, but I have found through my control panel that there is a user acct named “Jim” that indicates below its avatar “administrator”

QUESTION: When I log in, after the bootup, there is no user avatar on my desktop as a single user of my laptop, am I logging in as an administrator??

This is confusing because I have been unable to enable sharing the files on my laptop. The files from my laptop that I am sharing show up on my other PC with its networking, but I am unable to access the shared files from my laptop…I get “WINDOWS CANNOT ACCESS THE FILE, you need to have permission to have permission to access the your network administrator to request access”
Any help with these problems greatly appreciated!
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    you can go to control panel user accounts and when you click on your account there is an option to make it administrator and you can disable or delete the other account
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