Drivers installed. Printer being recognized. Not printing...

We have a SAVIN C9120 MFP at the office. I have an issue with a computer that will not print at all. Here's what I have done so far:

1)Delete/Removed printer.
2)Add Network Printer (Network is able to search and find the printer that is connected directly to the router.).
3)PC is able to detect additional drivers. I went ahead and replaced the current driver with a more up-to-date driver.
4)After 'successfully' installing the printer, I go ahead and print a test page.
5)Fail. There are no signs of activity from the printer.

I have double checked every other computer in the office and they all work as they should. I have double checked the IP Port with the problem PC with other PCs and they all check out fine. I am completely stumped on what to do next to fix this issue. Please help!
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  1. Just reinstalled the printer and now the printer icon is greyed out. I need to get this fixed today so I hope someone can help me figure this out sometime soon!

    Edit: Troubleshooting doesn't find any issues with the print problem.
  2. This may not be possible for your situation but with a similar issue I had what I ended up doing is connecting the printer directly to the computer by usb and installed it and then diconnected the usb and was able to get the printer to work on that computer in the network.
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