How do I uninstall / re-install a home network under win 7??


I have a home network, hard wired 2 PC's & printer to a Linksys wireless 6 router. I use the wireless capability for WiFI to my two TV's.

My son was able to get on the internet without using a password. When I map a network drive I must use ID and Password. I have a firewall

Is my home network vulnerable? My son see "Linksys" as a open wi-fi resource with his MAC, but since he is unable access my network printer
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  1. Yes, it sounds like your wireless is not secure. Go into your wireless router configuration and turn on WPA2 personal security with AES encryption and use a passphrase for security -- write it down, as all connecting wireless devices will need it.

    Any particular machine may have its own security, requiring a user ID and PW, but if a machine can get Internet access without those, you are not secure.
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