DDR 2700 -333 w/ a mobo running at fsb 400MHz?

I am upgrading my mobo and im getting a board that supports P4 533 fsb and also 400 (because my current processor is a P4 478 400 fsb). it says the mobo supports DDR 266 and 333. what im confused with is can i go ahead and get PC 2700 ram even though my processor is running at 1.8Ghz 400fsb. its my usderstanding that the best memory i can get w/ my current processor is DDR 2100-266. can i go ahead and get DDR 2700 now? will it just run at DDR 2100? and then when i upgrade my processor to a newer P4 500fsb it will then run at DDR2700. i dont want to have to buy DDR 2100 now and then when i get a new processor later on down the road feel like i could get better memory but then have to go and buy it.
basically i know the mobo supports both DDR 333 and 266, but can i use DDR 333 when my processor is only a 1.8 running at 400 fsb. will it work at all and will it be stable or am i gonna have to suck it up and get DDR 266?
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  1. the ram speed and the cpu speed in your case are unrelated, pc2700 will run at pc2700 (333) go for it.

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  2. even though i only have a processor w/ a clock of 400Mhz?
  3. yes. lol

  4. Most boards will autodetect the memory settings and set it at the proper ratio for you.

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