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Has anyone every painted their own case? Or know of a tutorial (materials, directions)? I've seen some nice cases online, but I want to do something myself. I especially like the high gloss and patterns. maybe I can take it to a place that does custom cars... :) (but then again, i want to do it myself.)
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  1. I did some painting to my case but it isn't a very professional job (just one/two paint layers).
    I just sanded of the old paint of my case plates and then spray painted them. I also did this to the fronts of my CDROM and FDs. I used some modelbuilding paint to paint the moving CDROM parts.
    But the paint layer is pretty thin and you can easily damage it this way... looks cool though.

    My CPU runs so hot the arctic silver undergoes nuclear fusion :eek: .
  2. I wonder how to get the brushed metal look. I'll have to google for it. One of my friends does metal plating (gold, silver), and he can also change metal to any color with some dye stuff (I think). Maybe I'll do that instead of painting.
  3. That would look hot. I don't think I've seen anyone try that yet (though it probably has been done). I can just picture the mirrored red or purple or whatever color you chose.

  4. anodizing?

    how do you shoot the devil in the back? what happens if you miss? -verbal
  5. I;m not sure. He runs electricity through the metal, then drops this mixure on it. the gold is extracted from the gel, and it actually travels accross the board looking for metal to bind to. then, when all done, you just wipe it clean. again, this is what i think he said. I'll get details and post here. If i decide to do this, i will post images. will have to high gloss paint the plastic, though.
  6. That would be anodizing. If you want to stay away from the high gloss paint on the plastics, depending on the case of course, I thing I remember seeing aluminum faceplate replacements. I don't quite remember where I saw them, but at least then you could have them anodized at the same time for consistency.

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