Network cardupgrade on hp pavillion g6-2210sa

I have just bought tge above computer and noticed it only had a 10/100 network card.
I understand I would need a more modern 1000 if I wanted it networked in some way.

Question is - can I upgrade to 1 gig card. Spec says integrated 10/100 base-t ethernet LAN.
if not - how will the exisiting card limit me in the future?
Many thanks
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  1. Its a laptop highly unlikely you can upgrade anything.

    It likely will have no impact on what most people do which us surf the web, it is unlikely you can afford a internet connection that can run over 100m anyway.

    It would only matter if you used some kind of network storage device, if you decide to it will still work just a liitle slower
  2. Thanks John - appreciated.

    So - if wifi speeds ever get near tge 300 mbps that n wireless is capable of - will my wi fi be able to receive this speed or is my wifi limited by my network card which is only

    Suppose my question is - is the network card and wifi interconnected or are they independant?

  3. They are totally different cards within your PC. In most cases the ethernet is part of the motherboard the wireless is a small add on card that you can replace.

    Even 100m ethernet will outperform 300m wireless. The 300m is a big lie. First it is total bandwidth both send and receive. Ethernet would be 200m if you state it that way....or 2G if you had gig ethernet. On top of that it will only get 300m in optimum conditions unlike ethernet that always gets the rated speed.

    You want to always run wired if it is a just runs, no headaches, no random drops, no strange slowdowns...
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