Atheros (Lenovo Z360) vs Broadcom (HP Omni 220)

I'm having a problem with the internet connection in my HP Omni 220( this has better specs and is brand new). It is slow unlike when I use the net in my Lenovo laptop. I tested both in speedtest (same location, same server) and my laptop's internet speed is dramatically bigger. My Lenovo laptop's wireless adapter is Atheros AR9285 while my HP desktop is Broadcom 802.11n. What should I do? Should I buy another wireless adapter? If I will, what can you recommend? Thanks.
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  1. Well as you say you have two different wireless adaptors and you are getting different speeds from each one. Rhere are a lot of factors that go into the internet speed being processed by the operating systrm and there are settingsd that you can change to make it better. You can go to this web site and use some of the diagnostic tests to determine what your OS is doing with the internet signal and what you can do to change it.
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