Internet is slow when my pc is on

I have BT Infinity and when my pc is turned on my internet on my iphone, ipad, ipod and my mums laptop goes slow.
nothing is open on my pc except sometimes when i am on skype with my friends which cant be that because i have been on skype on my iphone and ipad and that does not slow it down, any ideas ? i have already reset my router and it is still really bad.
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  1. Have you called your internet provider and asked them to trouble shoot your problem ? Sometimes there may be a certian thing that you can't do with a particular service and they will have a lot of things that they can check.
    You have reste your router to factory specifications ? Is your computer wired or wireless ? Sometimes certian routers will have a limit on how many devices can be wireless at the same time.
    When you said that whenyour computer is on the other devices are slow is it that you have all those devices on at the same time or does it do it when there is just one like if your computer is on and your mothers laptop and nothing else is the laptop affected ?
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