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Hello, I am planning to move to another country and do not want to transport my desktop Win XP system. If I were to buy a new laptop maching can I set up the hard drive from my desktop, as an external device, so that the new laptop can boot from that external drive? My XP drive is SATA. I really did not know how to categorize this question so I Windows 7, assuming the new laptop would have that OS.
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  1. As an addendum to this question, I also have Debian Linux on an external USB drive. Will I be able to boot the Windows 7 laptop from the Linux system?
  2. modern laptops should be able to boot from an external drive ok

    but chances are you will get blue screened due to driver conflicts

    though the linux installation may work better than the windows xp one

    never tried to do it with ubuntu

    whats on the xp drive that you need?

    cant you just copy or install it to your new laptop?
  3. After thinking about it I am sure you correct that there will be driver issues. My Linux installation is fairly recent so may be able to work okay. As to what do I have on the XP drive, well lots of things for which I no longer have the disks (lost during the move to Costa Rica). But it is mostly that I just really like XP. I have looked at Windows 7, and YES it is fast. It is also really intrusive from a Microsoft standpoint. I don't like people snooping at my machine. In XP I am able to turn of the windows logon validation and pretty much keep them out of my hair. I have heard that Win 7 is pretty intrusive, but I may be wrong. If I could I would convert over to Linux but there are some things that don't have equivalents.
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