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So my PC is only about 30 feet away from my router, but it is through a wall. I get a solid 54.0 mpbs connection on a wireless G network with 5/5 bars, and an "Excellent" signal strength. Verizon is the ISP, and we have their FiOS package. The internet is fast. The only issue is that when I stream video on for example, YouTube, it takes forever to load, or just won't load at all. What is the issue? Oh and it's not a hardware issue. I have a GTX 660, a Core i3-3220, 8GB of RAM and a 7,200 RPM hard drive.
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  1. Your whole setup is determined by the slowest part and on one end you have Fios and blazing fast internet and on the other end you have a very decent and fast computer. In the middle you have wireless G and that is your problem with streaming media it's best to have wireless N or a router that is optimized for streaming media. Don't forget that the terminology is what's important , 54 mega bits is not the same as 54 mega bytes so when your thinking you have a good fast connection it'ds not really that good because it's not bytes it's bits. Which is why you need the faster connection speed and the wireless N can go up to 450 mega bits.
  2. As always you need to first test on a wired port. Wireless is almost always to blame but you have to be sure since you will never fix it if it was not the problem to start.

    Be very careful about signal strength numbers. They mean exactly that, they in no way represent the quality of the signal. Some device drivers will show ratings based on how many errors your are getting which better represents the usability of the signal . This is why you have post all over this forum from people saying they have 5/5 signal and keep getting dropped. Best example I can give is 2 radios playing on different stations at full volume. You can hear both playing very loudly but the overlap is so bad it is hard to actually listen to one or the other.
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