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ADSL router behind a wireless router

December 30, 2012 4:19:01 PM

I access the internet through a netgear wireless router connected to an adsl modem. I also have a technicolor 546v6 wired adsl router connected to a separate phone line used as a vpn network, currently this router is connected to my nic and I used route ADD to route ip to this router.
Ive made a network diagram in the best of my ability (please don't laugh) of the network configuration I'm interested in.

I want to disconnect the technicolor router from my pc and connect it to the netgear wireless router and somehow route the ip to the technicolor router (everytime I'l access the address I'l be router to the technicolor router and to the separate adsl line it's connected to). From my limited understanding this can be done using the static route feature in the netgear configuration. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me how to properly connect the technicolor route to the netgear wireless router, what cable should I use (regular/crossover) and what configurations have to be made in the router settings.

Here are the links to the routers specs:

and here's the link to the same question poste din another forum: