Computer wont start up.

My computer crashed after playing a game, crashing the whole computer. Since then, when I startup my computer, it says CPU Fan error (has been even before that) and tells me to press F1. This F1 button pressing was a routine long before the error, and now when I do, it doesnt go past that F1 screen. I also recently got Windows 7, so I dont know if that is the problem. Help :)
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  1. Is the fan plugged in and spinning?
  2. Pressing F1 won't even take you into bios?

    Running an Asus board with the Hyper Evo, by any chance?
  3. AMD North bridge, and yes i can go into bios.
    CPU is plugged and spinning, but not the original that came with this computer.
  4. Is the cpu fan plugged into the correct fan header on the MB. It must be in the designated header. Also it needs to be at least a 3 pin connector on the fan.
  5. Yes, it is. It is the only header dedicated for that fan, and there are no other connectors.
    I don't think it is the fan cause we had that message for around 1-2 years.
    I personally think its the Graphic card because usually when i press F1, before this error, NUMLOCK would turn on right after, and it still does right now.
  6. Having to press F1 is not normal for a booting system nor is the error in detecting the cpu fan. Have you the most current bios and chip set software installed?
  7. Yes, and I got it fixed. I found out that the CPU fan was in the wrong slot on the motherboard, and because of that all the other fans were trying to do the CPU fan's job. So i connected it to the 4-needle one which was the CPU fan slot, and also used the windows 7 disc to reinstall the CPU fan drivers because they apparently uninstalled, which was causing the problem. Everything is fine now!
    Thanks for the help guys anyways :)
  8. Thought so glad the hear it was solved.
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