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My internet is provided by BT, the router is constrained to my hallway where my phoneline is. Wirelessly i can connect fine but I have a number of devices which require an ethernet connection to operate, such as TV, Xbox360 (though i know you can buy wireless device for it, this isn't the solution for me at this point). I cannot connect anything to the main router via wired connection due to location

I have a few routers in surplus, my question is, how would i connect any one of these routers to my BT Homehub 3 wirelessly so i can then plug my ethernets into that router and it obtain my connection via the wireless reception. I have a Belkin n600 or a Netgear DG834 flashed from Sky's network to any network or a second homehub 3 to choose from.

I think what I'm trying to do is wirelessly bridging but would greatly appreciate any guidance. any additional information needed just asked
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  1. Use a pair of powerline adapters to get the signal to a distant location. I installed a set this weekend for a relative with a four port hub on the distant end and added a wireless access point (router configured as an AP) that gave him three more LAN ports in addition to the three extra on the powerline adapter. It worked great and gave him a 60Mbps connection. He had a LINKSYS PLSK400, but a simple powerline would work fine for you since you have extra routers laying about that could also provide a distant wireless AP in addition to their switch ports.
  2. the main reason im trying to find a work around is my powerline adapters have suddenly stopped working and im not in a position to replace them at the moment else they would be my first port of call, thanks though
  3. Ah. I do not think that any of your spare devices support bridge mode unfortunately.

    Perhaps you can pick up a cheap old G wireless router with 4 ports from Linksys or D-Link that supports dd-wrt: http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Supported_Devices If you flash the firmware to that, you can easily set up and manage a bridge.
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