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I am planning on building a new comp with the asus a7n8x mobo and corsair ddr 2700 . I am wondering, I know the system works best on a synchronous fsb, but what happens when and if you overclock? Does it raise the cpu as well as the memory speed so they still are synchronous? Or is it more desirable to leave the system at stock speed to maintain synchronous FSB?

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  1. on nforce 2 boards you can raise the fsb and memory clocks independently of each other (i think).If you are going to raise the memory clock and make it asynchronous then you won't see any benefit with a small increase because the lack of synchronicity will nullify the increase.Your best bet if you want to raise the memory clock is to raise the fsb as well to keep it synchronous-the a7n8x can definitely handle it.

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    You go with asychronous you have stability. You have stability, you lack performance. You want performance, you need synchronousity(?). So synchronically speaking, keeping things in lock-step while bumping up the numbers will be beneficial to the correct overclocking of the system for the maximum performance. Basically, if you don't have the wherewithall to engage a liquid nitrogen system I wouldn't bother with overclocking. I'd stick to the time-tested value of system tweaking, memory optimization, you know, your basic signal maximunzation techniques.

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