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Hello all first of all I hope this is in the appropriate place. I have 10 mb down 1 mb upload speed here in the goat hills of Iowa. My problem is that the speed fluctuates a great deal. It is most apparent when I am gaming online. When I connect my 360 to Xbox live it runs well for a minute then it seems like it crashes for 10 seconds. After doing some various speed tests online it says it is running at the appropriate speed sometimes higher but after seeing a readout on www.speedtest.net the chart indicates the internet speed peaks really high then nose dives to nearly 0 multiple times throughout the test. If anyone could give me any insight it would be greatly appreciated. Btw I have used both wired and wireless setups for the 360 if that matters and still the same result.
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  1. When you do the speed test you are testing the speed that you are getting from your ISP and so a call to thier tech support may help. Your internet connection is nothing more than a large lan with all the customers feeding of the connection. Too many at once can slow it down. What you can do is test what's in your house to make sure that what you have is working properly. If there is something outside with the ISP then there's nothing you can do about that except complain to your ISP. Try some of the tools on the web site below.

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