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I currently have another NETGEAR router connected to a BT Superhub, acting as a repeater, as it distributes another signal and thus I have a stronger connection in my room; as I couldn't connect effectively prior to installing the other router. I was just wondering, as me and a younger sibling were effectively on the same network, could we connect to each other and play via LAN? We have tried before with games such as Minecraft, but to no avail. Are there any settings I must alter in order for us to connect to each other via LAN, or is it simply not possible.

Thanks in advance,
- Brad.
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  1. If the game supports LAN play you should be able to set the network IP address of one of the machines for a LAN game and then the other computer should be able to join that game. Some games support LAN play and some don't.

    Are both computers on the same network or different subnets? From each computer type in the command prompt box ipconfig /all and look for the gateway address, if both use the same they are on the same network. If not, you will have to alter things a bit to make a single network.
  2. My IPv4 Address finishes in 1.1, as his finishes in 0.1. As such, my default gateway finishes with 1.1, and his ends in 0.1. However, our subnet masks are identical.

    Surely this means we should be able to find each others LAN servers?
  3. You are on different subnets, the SN mask is probably the usual /24 network.

    The easiest thing to do is to change to a single network, then the games would work fine, as they are all designed for the LAN mode to be a single network.

    So the BT Superhub is like All you need to do is turn your Netgear into an AP, so give your Netgear a static address of in both the Netgear and the BT, allow the BT to assign DHCP addresses from .0.3 to .0.254, turn off the Netgear DHCP. You probably already use different radio channels, but one of you should be on channel 1,6, or 11 and the other on one of the other of those 3 (they are non-overlapping to reduce interference). You can use different SSID and passwords if you want, or you can use the same and make the wireless network seamless.

    And your Netgear should be connected LAN port to LAN port to the BT.
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