Switch or router best to share internet?

i bought an iball switch 8-port 10/100 green desktop switch... can i able to share internet using that?
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  1. you will need a router to share one internet connection with more than one computer.

    if you already have a router and you need more LAN ports than the router provides the switch will work.
  2. A switch basically lets all devices hooked to it access the same network. However, in order to successfully get on the internet you will need to have a router somewhere between your modem and the switch.

    If you have a modem-router, then yes, the switch will work-- just hook it to the "LAN" side of the modem-router.

    If you JUST have a modem (usually they only have a single LAN and a single WAN port), then you will need to get a router, which usually has a built-in 4port switch.
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