Where do I locate the wifi adapter ?

I have a new Desktop PC (QUAD CORE AMD BULLDOZER 3.6GHZ 1TB HDD 8GB DDR3 RAM HOME DESKTOP COMPUTER PC (200704429960))which has no wifi adapter fitted. I was going to purchase one that the PC supplier recommended ( W311P - 150M WIRELESS PCI ADAPTOR COMPUTER PC), but now that I no longer need wifi in my older Medion MD8393 PC, I thought that I might swap it over to my new PC.
The only problem is that I can't actually find it !
The Medion instruction manual does not give very much in the way of technical detail, but then it is not meant
to be a maintenance manual.
The motherboard is an MSI MS-7502: http://edan.net23.net/allegro/plyta-glowna_komp-msi/DSCI0032.JPG
Can anyone tell me where to locate it please ? Is it even attached to the mobo ?
I'm also going to transfer the TV tuner card over to the new PC once I have succesfully installed the wifi card, but I think that I can do that without any help.
One final thing I intend doing, is to buy a half-decent graphics card for the new PC as it only has integrated graphics. The Medion has an Nvidia GeForce 9500 GS, but I require a HD card in the new PC and at the moment, in the price range that I can afford, I'm considering either:
Sapphire Radeon HD7750 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI EXPRESS 3.0 x 16 HDCP Ready (11202-00-20G)
or the less expensive:
Sapphire Radeon HD6670 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI EXPRESS 2.1 x 16 HDCP Ready Low Profile (100326LP).
I would appreciate any thoughts on either of these two video cards or indeed, any suggestions on other compatible cards within the same price range.
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  1. There are pretty much only 2 ways they do this. One is a to mount the same boards they use on laptops to the motherboard or they use a PCI card. It should be obvious.

    I would not use the card even if you can find it. It say 802.11n "DRAFT". This means it may not be 100% compatible with the standard. It likely is not compatible with the 802.11n update that came out in 2009 since the dates I see on this computer are all from 2008. It is a pain to get drivers for these draft chipset.

    Since a new card cost less than $20 it just is not worth the hassle of chasing drivers for the old one.
  2. ^ +1

    Also, if you need to get a new adapter, consider a USB adapter, inexpensive, work well, and way easier to install and use on other computers.
  3. Thanks John, but it is far from obvious to me and I do have some experience of installing peripherals inside PC's (just not WLANs). The adapter is in use as I type this reply using my Medion PC, and the driver has been updated from the Medion website as have all of it's other drivers, but I'm happy to take yours and Realbeast's advice and buy a new one if you think that it's not worth the bother of swapping it over to my new PC (ie. if I was able to find it). I think that I will get a usb wireless adapter if it isn't too expensive. I recently bought a Vonets VAP11G Wifi Bridge which is plugged into my Sony Bravia HDTV and provides a wireless connection at a huge saving compared to Sony's official wireless adapter. That only cost about £17 so surely it should cost that much for something similar for my new PC ?
  4. If you go with a new adapter, take a look at the USB TP-Link TL-WN722N. It is inexpensive and I've used dozens of them for clients and they work great, simple install, and no problems.
  5. RealBeast said:
    If you go with a new adapter, take a look at the USB TP-Link TL-WN722N. It is inexpensive and I've used dozens of them for clients and they work great, simple install, and no problems.

    PC World sell the WN722n (150 mbps) for £8.99 and the WN821n (300 mbps) for £9.95. I think I'll go for the WN821n as the antenna is built in. Thanks for the advice RealBeast.
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