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I am trying to connect my two laptops with one Ethernet cable without any internet to a Network. However, just one of the laptops is identifying the connection, the other doesn't recognize that it has been connected to another laptop. Obviously, the cable itself is working (because one laptop identifies the connection), but what might be the problem that the other laptop doesn't recognize any connections? How can I fix this?

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  1. Does the other laptop have an Ethernet driver installed? Take a look in the device manager to see if shows up as working properly.

    Is at least one of the laptop Ethernet adapters gigabit (so it has auto-MDIX), if not you need a crossover cable.
  2. Are they on the same network/subnet?
  3. markob83 said:
    Are they on the same network/subnet?
    Just a cable between two machines sounds ad hoc to me, no true network.
  4. Do this under both laptops go to network properties and assign temporary static IPs

    On IPv4 properties select use following Ip on both laptops

    In laptop one use these Ip Ip Subnet gateway

    In laptop two use these ip ip subnet gateway

    That should make a direct connection between the two after that it will ask to recognize network just choose home and it should work.
  5. That's what I was thinking :bounce:
  6. You don't need to set a gateway address, but each machine needs a compatible IP address -- simple ad hoc setup.
  7. without doing any extra configuration , it just worked , speed is 10-11 MB/s.
    That is enough for me....

    And yes , both PCs have all drivers installed , and both of them are new.
    thanks for the reply guys ...
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