Allow a device to connect is inactive sony

i have finsoud headset and it is trying to find my laptop but it fails
my laptop also doesn't find the head set
i test my headset with my mobile and they are connect and working together properly
my bluetooth driver on lap top is also works properly because i test it with other devices and it's work
please help me
hint: allow a device to connect is inactive
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  1. Are you sure your bluetooth adapter has BT Audio in it's stack?
    Have you ever used a bluetooth headset with the laptop?
    Not all bluetooth adapters are compatible with all services (Audio, HID, File sharing etc.) You should be able to see what services are available to the adapter from it's settings.
  2. how can i be sure about my adapter that if it has the service you are talk about??
  3. please accept my apologies i can't speak english very well
  4. Right click on the bluetooth icon in the systray (bottom right), then click Bluetooth Configuration. The bluetooth window will appear, Then click Local Services tab and you will see a list of available services for your device. In that list you should see "Headset" in the list. you can then select the service and check it's properties.
    If it's in the list then pair the devices and it should work.
  5. when i right click on the bluetooth icon it's only contains:1-add device 2-allow a device to connect 3-show bluetooth devices 4-recieve a file 5-send a file 6-join a personal network area 7- open setting 8-remove icon
    and for the record my windows is 7 and my laptop is vaio (vpcea36fg)
  6. anyway tanks for trying to help me
  7. It sounds like you are using a non windows software to control your bluetooth. Try open setting that sounds right. Be sure that the headset is not connected to any other device and also that the latop blue tooth is set to allow connections. Otherwise I think it should be able to connect.
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