DSI XL wireless won't find access point. Is security Key and Passord the sam thi

I am trying to set up the wireless feature in my DSI XL. When I use Connection 1 it easily find my wireless network but says it is "unable to connect to this access point using current settings" and refers me to Advanced Setup.

When I use Advanced Setup to search to Access Point it says the access point is secure: WPA2-PSK(AES). I correctly enter my wifi password which totals 8 charcters and OK the screen then shows 5 stars for the password and says it is uabe to connect to verify security key. I thought the security key and password were the same but maybe not??? The error code is 051110-1.

ANY help wil be greatly appreciated!!!!
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  1. The security key and password can be the same if you make it the same but if you have an encrypted security key then it could be different. You can go into the router to the secutity tab and view the password to see if it's the same as the password that you use to get nto the router.
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