How do i turn off wep sercurity on ATT modem?

How do I disable WEP security on old ATT modem for installation of LINKSYS E1200 from Cisco supplied disc?

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  1. You don't need the supplied disk to do that. Just connect to router config page and goto security settings. You will find the settings available there. Make the disired changes there and save settings. Router will most likely reboot and you should be fine.
    If you dont know the IP of the router, check your PCs IP settings, it should be the address displayed in the "Gateway" field. Type it into your browser and press enter. You will be asked for a password, once entered you will have access to make changes.
  2. Your trying to diable the security on a modem ? Don't you mean a router ? Is the old AT&T modem a combination of modem and router ? There usually is not wep security on a modem since you don't have to make any changes to settings in a modem.
    The modem will connect to the Linksys router and then you run the install disk on your computer.
  3. You are correct, it is the ATT router I am trying to disable for installation of a Linksys E1200 router. I am sorry for the late night mistake.

    Need help,

    Ron Klamm
  4. You are lookiing to use both routers ?
  5. My Nexus 7 will not work with old ATT router. Does not recognize WEP security so want to use Linksys or some other router in place of ATT unit. Need to know how to disable WEP so Nexus 7 will recognize and work with other types of security.

    Ron Klamm
  6. You can go into the routers internal settings and turn off the security or run it as a simple password and not as a wer generated password.
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