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Wifi Interference

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November 13, 2012 1:04:41 PM

Hi, I have some problem connecting my tower to my wifi network. I can't plug a ethernet cable directly in my computer so I bought an ASUS PCE-N15 Wireless Adapter. It didn't work well for me, the connection was fluctuating and i tought that it was an hardware problem because i have a laptop that sit on my desk which have no problem getting the signal. So I went and bought a new router (D-Link N300) and another wireless adapter ( D-Link DWA 566). It improve my connection but it is still fluctuating. When I say fluctuating I mean to go from 20mb/s to o.5mb/s.

Here is the strangest part, if i pull my tower from under my desk it seem to help the connection. It is as if the AC plug on the wall is sucking up the wifi signal. Pulling my computer do not make it closer to my router.

Anyway, I was wondering if you guys have already seen a problem like that and what are your suggestions.

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November 13, 2012 3:27:27 PM

The best way to eliminate interference and fuctuations is to wire the router to the computer , in some circumstances that may no be possible but it is the best way.
There is also the possability that the ISP can be at fault with thier service and depending on the customer load the service can fluctuate. If you constantly monitor the internet speed you will notice that it will fluctuate even when wired but being wired cuts out any interferience that may be in your house. If you do have a lot of interference in your house and you are able to wire the router to the computer then you should think about a sheilded ethernet cable.
November 13, 2012 3:57:44 PM

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, wiring my desktop to my router is not an option. I don't belive that my ISP is at fault since I don't have fluctuation on my main computer which is connected to my router. Do you belive that a product like the D-Link Wireless Range Extender would help my cause. My desktop is about 10m from my router ( 2 room next to it on the same floor ).
November 13, 2012 4:26:31 PM

The 10m distance from the router is certianly within the routers range however there may be enough blockage (walls , doors) to cause a weak signal. The laptop would tend to cancel the weak signal theory since it's not having any problems connecting.
If your willing to bear with me on this for a min. I might be able to help you get a wire to the router and I did say might. you say that the router is on the same floor only 2 rooms away. Is the other roomin line with your room or is it across a hall ? The reason I say this is because I used to do cable internet installs for Comcast and part of the job was top get a wire to the verious rooms and you would be surprised how that can be done. One of the best ways was to follow the heating radiators because there was always a hole where the pipe went through the wall and a small cable wire was able to fit in there along with the pipe. If tht's not possible in your case then we can go back to trying other things.

The link below is to a web site that has some tools for testing your computer and your internet service and you can make some changes to the settings to make it better.