172x - Gaming - YES!

This LCD is quite stellar.

Matter of fact, it is 50x more crisp then my two old 17" CRT's that I have. I have tested several games on it, including UT2K4, Q3, and Lineage 2. All were so crisp and clean that I'm glad I invested the $600. I ordered it online, it was shipped in a dirty, kicked across the ground Samsung box, but had no dead pixels.

I have detected NO ghosting or blurs or any anamolies while playing games at 100+ FPS. Though I think alot of people that see that sort of stuff must have bionic, superhuman strength spiderman eyes. I am running a Radeon 9800 Pro 256 in DVI mode though. Those that had questions about the 12ms or 16ms rumor should know that only the first evaluation models of the 172x were sent to tech reviewers as 16ms, all commercial production models (at least in the US) are 12 ms.

The buttons are nicely hid underneath, because, who needs to see them all the time anyway? The bevel almost disappears, its like having a screen by itself floating there. I highly suggest this model for anyone who plays games and has a vid card to push it to its potential.

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  1. Is there much decrease in quality if you run games in another resolution than native? I'm used to play CS in 800x600 or 1024x768.

    My notebook has a 15" LCD, no ghosting in 1024x768, but if you change resolution to 800x600, the quality is heavily decreased and ghosting appears.

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  2. There is a noticable difference between native and lower res. It's definately not as clear. I run every game in 1200 res now. If you want to run smaller modes you might want something else. Personally I wish I could go higher, but 1200 is fine for 99% of my games.
  3. Got my 172x yesterday from pcnation.. came with a stubborn pixel (stuck on blue.. even when the monitor wasn't connected to the video card)...

    Anyhow.. I'm sending it back as Pcnation has a 0 dead pixel policy :) One thing i wasn't sure about was that Windows XP only allowes you to set 2 color resolutions: either 32 bit or 16 bit...
    I already had it set to 32 bit and when I played a divx video clip in full screen, the image was breaking up and partially distorted. After I lowered the colors down to 16 bit (took me some time to realize that this was the problem), the video played perfectly. However, isn't the 172x capable of displaying 24 bit? why is this option not available on XP, if you know.. :)

    I know many people do not believe that a significant difference exists between the two, but I do recall that a majority of reviews do make a point to mention it and discuss it.
  4. How did PCNation treat you? I got my 172X from them and have 2 pixels that won't go darker than blue (one darker than the other). I'm still debating whether or not to send it back. They're really only noticable on a black screen. I don't want to be without a monitor for very long.
  5. I am very happy so far. That was also my problem: a pixel that would stay blue and it only showed up on a black background. They do cross-shipping so it's great..
  6. Wow! Got mine a couple of days ago from PC Nation and the same thing. Bad sub-pixel shows up blue on a black screen. They were glad to cross ship me another one but guess what! Thier out! the RMA is good until the 22nd so I hope they have some in by then. Seem to be very willing to exchange, so far so good just hope they get those in soon :)
  7. wow.. they're out? I RMA'd it yesterday and it's already been shipped as of today :) I really wonder how pcnation profits from having a 0 bad pixel policy? Does Samsung actually cover it? I know samsung's policy is not 0 bad pixels.. so how does this all work? How are they not losing money? :P
  8. Not sure exactly but it's just like getting a defective product. I mean I ordered from www.spacecentersystems.com and I had only 1 dead pixel. Called them up and they cross-shipped and they tested my new one before they shipped it out with no problems. I don't really understand how a company COULDN'T have a 0 pixel policy because I expect the same type of service on-line as I would if I went to the store and if I had gone to the store and gotten a defective product then I would certainy want one that works correctly.
  9. oh.. I whole-heartedly agree.. but it seems that LCD manufacturers find it acceptable to continue with selling of defective panels despite the number of dead pixels. Furthermore, most manufacturers stipulate that they will not exchange your LCD for a new one unless there are at least 2 - 3+ dead pixels.. what gives? I consider a single dead pixel to be HUGE defect, simply unacceptable on a product that costs $600.

    Anyhow, I still wonder how what does Pcnation do with the lcd's they refuse back that have only 1 dead pixel? Samsung's policy is a few pixels, so does Pcnation get screwed? I jus can't see what benefit it would server PCnation to offer such a gaurantee if they aren't supported by the manufacturer.
  10. That thing about colour, its been confusing me too. My dad's 15" laptop uses 32bit colour but I haven't noticed any distortion as such...

    So if there is, then how do you set it to 24bit?
  11. I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure that they mean 24 bit when they say 32 bit. At least I seem to remember writing a program with 24-bit graphics that still worked when my display was set to 32 bit. I think the extra 8 bits are supposed to represent alpha or something.
  12. You would be right- 32 bit is really 24 bit colors and 8 bits for alpha/gamma corrections.

    EDIT: Or I guess someone else calls it transparency- see here: http://plug.org.in/pipermail/plug-mail/2002-December/006170.html

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  13. I run my XP machine in 32 Bit, and have noticed no problems running DivX or anything else that uses windows settings. It sucks that you guys got a bad pixel from the same distributor, they might have had a bad batch, or its something in their process that is screwing it up. The only thing I was really shocked about was how small the box the shipped the unit in was. And to kick it all off, I'm at the FedEx pickup center, and the guy says, "Your driver has come in let me get your three packages", then he walks around the corner, and I hear him throwing boxes around. But I got all my stuff from mwave, and it was fine.

  14. Ahh thanks.

    Then I'm confused as to why someone said the monitor distorts the image at 32bits... I thought the algorithm was really good and produced colour better than true 24bit monitors, no? Or did that change when they started using 12ms panels?
  15. It shouldn't. I'd make sure that the corresponding resolution is right, as are the graphics driver settings. I'd also check to make sure it's using the monitor driver and check any other settings. I'm not all that knowledgeable about color depth, but I'm using a regular LCD panel (173T) and 32bit color works just fine (as it should on all monitors really).
  16. I said it did. And for the fun of it, I'll answer all the obvious questions:
    1) The corresponding resolution is set correctly
    2) As are the graphics driver settings
    3) The monitor driver, which was downloaded directly from Samsung's website, was installed correctly and is at it's latest version.
    4) As is the graphics driver.

    To reiterate, when I try to play a video on the 172x in 32-bit color mode, the picture breaks up and distorts in FULL SCREEN mode only. Playing it in it's normal window size does not cause distortion... I can even maximize the window or resize it to as large as I want; I only get distortion when I actually set the video to full screen mode.

    Item: this occurs in any video software
    Item: the problem is resolved by setting XP back to 16-bit color mode.
  17. Hmm, what exactly do you mean by distortion? I thought it might have been because you made it full screen, which would effectively make it display at lesser resolutions... But then it should be bad in 16 bit too.
  18. In full screen display mode only, when the video is fully extended horizontally and vertically, every other line seems to be shifted by 10 pixels, so edges of objects appear extremely jagged.

    It seems as if the video, in full-screen only, becomes interlaced displaying fields all screwed up.

    I've been reading up on this problem and I'm hearing the solution might be to turn off overlay in the video playback software. I'll have to try this when I get a replacement LCD (0 dead pixel policy; I had 1).
  19. Hi, I have a question. I am thinking of buying this Monitor, but a lot of stores where I look at still say its a 16ms screen.
    How can I see if its really the 12ms version? Or are all the Samsung 172x models suppose to have the 12ms panels now?
  20. http://www.samsung.com/Products/Monitor/LCDMonitor/Monitor_LCDMonitor_172X_sp.htm shows the specs straight off their page about the 172x. I see nothing about 16ms, and I do believe if there were some on the market, they would say something about it. I would email them but I'm 99% sure I'd never get a response back :) Maybe the THG folks can get some answers.
  21. Update, I emailed Samsung and asked them for information. The support representative gave this response:

    "You may contact the Monitor Reseller group for Samsung for more information 866-542-7214.

    We have been informed by the marketing group the information on the website is correct it is 12ms."

    Unless they are lying out of their eye teeth, which I believe isn't true, then all are 12ms.

  22. I addressed this question in an earlier post "172x, 12ms or 16ms"... check that post out ;) in short, they are all 12ms.
  23. So what happens if I'm playing Battlefield and it only supports 1280x960. Does it just not use the whole screen or does it try to blow that up to fit 1280x1024?
  24. It'll probably blow it up. You'll see some blurring similar to what you see when you get close to a texture in a 3D game. Some monitors are apparently better than others when it comes to this.
  25. *grumble*

    fajardoc, or anyone else with this display, how does it handle 1280x960?

    edit: how much would 6xFSAA help this?<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by darfur on 03/24/04 11:19 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  26. How does the monitor handle lower resoltions? Does it run things well at 1024x768 or 800x600 ?
  27. Does the samsung 172x monitor come with a DVI cable?
  28. just received my 172x

    looks great cept for a bright blue dead pixel just like some of the other guys on this post

    also a question to the others that have this monitor

    is the backlight really noticeable on top and bottom on black screens. i would say the light gray haze, where i expect dark black, on the top and the bottom extends down/up about .5 inches or more, kind of annoying

    anywho except for these issues gaming, unreal tournament 2004 in particular, has been really nice, very low ghosting, wouldnt even know had i not specifically looked for it
  29. When will the 12ms Samsung 172x be available in Europe. The only reliable place you can get it is on PCNation, but they only ship in the USA.:(

    BTW, is there any way of finding out whether or not its the 12ms or 16ms version, because i found a website that sells the 172x and on the specification it says 16ms. However, samsung say that all the ones that are being sold now are 12ms. Is there anyway of being sure????????!!!!!!
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  30. hi,komplett are selling the 172x-12ms in the uk,germany,sweden,and norway and i bought one from komplett uk.
  31. On their website (Komplett.co.uk) the specs say that its a 16ms panel.............now im confused.
  32. hi, the panel that i bought from komplett was manufactured in malaysia in february 2004 and is a 12ms panel.I emailed the komplett website and they said it was a mistake the panels are 12ms.So the panels on the komplett.co.uk website are 12ms panels.Hoped that helped you!(Also i tested the panel with a program called tft test)
  33. thnx

    BTW, its says that they are out of stock for the past 6 days, however it says that their lead time is 5 days???
    Plus their website doesnt seem to be working now.
  34. hi you can download tfttest from http://www.benchmarkhq.ru/english.html?/be_monitor.html
    but its in russian tho very easy to use
  35. hi,the website is working now. Lead time is 5 days it says.
    (When i got 172x it had no dead pixels)
  36. when did you get your monitor??? Cos they seem to be out of stock for quite a long time now
  37. they had them in stock 24 march 2004.If it says 5 days thats how long it will take.But it could be earlier if i was you i'd phone them on monday.
  38. ill email them
  39. I now found out why the 172x is soo hard to get in the UK. The Samsung 172x has been withdrawn for the UK market because its for, "a too specialised market(????????)"

    reference: http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthread.php?s=febdcf993083d70ab90aed82a48a8d42&threadid=145140
  40. Ordered my 172x from Komplett on 24/3 and rec'd it 30/3.
    One defective sub pixel only (shows blue on a black screen).

    So far, I've only played Max Payne 2. This is superb with no ghosting. Also watched various DVD's and these were better than other TFT monitors I've watched. The viewing angle seems fairly narrow, but I was expecting this given the 12ms timing.

    Overall, I'm pleased with the screen and would buy another. As for the screen being withdrawn from the UK market, it's still listed on the Samsung UK website, but I must admit that it is strange how the UK based retailers don't mention this model.
  41. Do they have a policy based upon dead pixels i.e. are you able to get a refund????
  42. There are some posts indicating that Samsung have a 7 day "zero dead pixel" warranty. However, when I checked the Samsung UK website (before ordering), I could only find a section stating that 5 dead pixels or less is ok:


    To be honest, with one stuck sub pixel, I'm not too worried.
  43. I'm in the UK and have a 172x for sale, no dead pixels.
    Email jalphoos@hotmail.com
  44. In Denmark both the 12 and 16msec version of the 172X are sold. There are no tech. spec. supplied with the monitor, the only difference is the type number: DS17ASDS (12msec) and DS17BSDS (16msec). I ordered a 12msec but recived a 16msec (DS17BSDS production date: March 2004). The store had to check with the Samsung supplier to be sure, so be aware...
  45. The different model number is a bit worrying. How did you come by this information?

    I ordered a 172x from Komplett a couple of weeks ago on the understanding that only 12ms versions were available. It seems OK with no dead pixels but there is no way of testing the response time, so far as I know.

    There is another post in this forum that says Komplett have confirmed they are selling the 12ms version despite the fact their website says 16ms and they have the "16ms model number".

    Also on the French version of this site at http://www.tomshardware.fr/articlemoniteur.php?IdArticle=489&NumPage=1 Samsung seems to say that from February the 12ms version will be the only one sold.

    Does anyone else have any more info on this ?
  46. read this review http://www.neoseeker.com/Articles/Hardware/Reviews/172xredux/2.html also the maximum refresh is 75hz on the 172x.I own the DS17BSDS and the maximum refresh is 75hz so you should get 13.3ms if its a 12ms model.(83hz on the benq767-12 you should get 12ms)
    You can test your tft monitor with tfttest from this website http://www.benchmarkhq.ru/english.html but if you get 13.3ms (on tft test) you have a 12ms model.

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  47. http://www.benchmarkhq.ru/english.html
    benchmark tools > monitor > tft test
  48. You said that you own the DS17BSDS version, but isnt that the 16ms version and the DS17ASDS is the 12ms version.

    Im getting confused....
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