How can I set up a guest access?

I have been to the address directed by the manual, but cannot find how to set up a guest access password. I need further info.
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  1. The router will usually have a certian amount of guest accesses set up and a password , if you go into the routers internal settings and under the wireless tab there should be some sub menues and one of them is guest access if you select that then you will see the guest password and the amount of guests that are allowed . All the settings can be changed including the password and you may have to enable the guest access depending how your router comes setup.
    I just now looked at my Linksys router and saw the settings so while all routers will be different they all should have a guest access tab or sub menu under the tabs.
  2. Thanks, I guess I just needed a jump start. I went back to the original instructions, and DUH...Guess what I found ! Simple solutions for simple minds that bother to read all the instructions. Thanks Again.
  3. Your welcome.
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