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Hello. I recently purchased a new computer from newegg, got it hooked up, and was planning on using a windows 7 64 bit professional product as the OS for it, however I realized upon entering the code that I had purchased the "upgrade" version of it from my school micro store. Luckily, the product was very cheap, however I'm stuck now at what to do.

I've seen a wide range of prices for the 64 bit professional versions, and different products from OEM vs. retail. I'm just looking for some insight from people that are more familiar with OS in general and would like some tips on a.) what product makes most sense, b.) where to buy this product, c.) preferably a place where there is a digital download so I can get this running asap. Please let me know what you guys think!
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  1. the upgrade cd will work for you without having to install an os first. the upgrade software from ms will look for quilifing os that are on the box/download info long as you put the cd in the drive when it comes up with "i cant find a vaild product xxxx on your hard drive it read that you have met the upgrade requirments and will intall full function version of windows on your hard drive. the other thing you can do becuase you did purches a valid copy of windows is to call ms and tell them you needed a full version oem number. they should be able to give you that or a credit back for the wrong purchase. there also right now the free windows 8 preview that you can download.
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