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I am getting the message bootmgr not found when I start my computer. So I tried using the repair disk and changed the boot sequence in the bios to boot from cd rom first. I also made a bootable usb drive and both will not work. So it connected the drive to my laptop by usb and booted into repair mode. Everything was going well. I did the first two bootrec commands and it said done. the last command I did was the bootrec /RebuildBcd command and it found two installations. I got so excited that I answered yes to both answers. This now has messed up my laptop as well. Any ideas how to fix.If I try to boot the laptop without the usb harddrive attached it says device not attached needed to boot. If I attach it and boot it goes into a diag boot loop
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  1. edit -- sorry forgot to mention, first step is to insure that your bios boot order is correct.

    Doh, best not to contaminate your remaining working machine by attaching drives until you figure out the issue unless you have alternatives.

    If you are using Windows 7, you can startup and repair your boot disk MBR with a startup repair disk, which if you don't have one you will always make one in the future when you recover from this issue.

    Where you are now, I would re-attach the drive to its own computer and do a repair install, which will reload Windows but not delete your programs or files, although you will have to re-install your Windows updates. When you are done, make a system repair disk -- just type that in the start button box and using the wizard, it is very useful for fixing these little issues and should be in bold print on all MS paperwork.
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