Help! Sometimes my desktop internet is slower than my laptop

Hi guys, I'm having this weird issue with my internet in which my desktop is having inconsistent internet connection, but when I check on my laptop (same room) it shows no problem.

I have ATT Uverse, and my desktop's adapter is Belkin - N750 DB Wireless-N Dual-Band USB Adapter, while my laptop has some adapter (I don't know the brand, but I know it's 802.11g

Also, my Desktop has much better specs than my laptop. My desktop has i7 intel processor, 4GB RAM (x4 total of 16) and 60 GB SSD boot drive and 2 TB hard drive for all the other softwares. My laptop on the other hand is a Sony Vaio with 8GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive.

When going through these inconsistent internet connection phase, my desktop can drop to not even a megabyte per second, while my laptop may be at 8~10 MB download speed, but a tthe same time the ping on my desktop is around 5, but my laptop shows around 17.
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  1. I would doublecheck that both your PC and laptop are connected to the same wifi-- the different pingtimes might indicate that theyre not.
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