Wireless not working but ethernet does

I have a HP Pavilon dv5 and the wireless stoped working but I can still connect through ethernet. I can connect to the wireless on my ipad and it works fine so I know its not the router. I have done ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew, but it did not help. when i click connect to a network it says "Windows can not connect to any additional networks." When I click on "Diagonose why windows can not connect to any networks" it says "Windows can not resolve this eror, contact your system administrator." All of my drivers are up to date i belive. trying to roll back driver right now to see if it will help. any advice would be greatly welcomed.
p.s. I am using Windows Vista
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  1. have you tried to connect to another wifi?

    under Manage Wireless Networks delete the profile for your wireless network and reboot. then try to connect to your wireless again
  2. I can not connect to any wifi networks it will not give me the option to connect to a network. It says no networks avaiable but i know there is like 10 wifi networks that my ipad can connect to.

    How do you get to manage wireless networks? (I know how to on a mac just not a pc) :(
  3. is you wifi on you laptop enabled/turned on?

    you should find it in the Network Sharing Center on the left hand side
  4. Wifi is turned on. It just can not find any networks.

    I says that i have never connected to any wifi networks but i have taken this thing all around the country connecting to diffrent wifi networks.
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